Tuesday, 6 September 2011

15/4/41 - still in Hospital in Windsor

                                                                                           E Ward
                                                                                           County Emergency Hospital
                                                                                           Old Windsor
My Dear Ida
                I have just heard from Meryn and he tells me is total liabilities are £150 being due for Income Tax. The remainder of the £400 he wanted was to avoid drawing on his office in view of their tremendous expenses due to the Blitz and death of their senior partner.
I have had a blood test and owing to a mistake it has to be done again tomorrow. It means drinking 6 oz of glucose and then having five blood tests, one every half hour. It is puzzling then as I have not sugar now on this diet. It is all very tedious now and I am longing to be out of this Hospital.
Love to you all
Your aff cousin

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