Tuesday, 6 September 2011

11/4/41 - now being tested for diabetes at Windsor

                                                                                        E Ward
                                                                                        County Emergency Hospital
                                                                                        Old Windsor

My Dear Ida
                My head is now recovered and the effects of the concussion passed. I have a test for sugar. I had 6oz of glucose given to me and then 5 blood tests every half an hour. This to finally decide my diet, which is pretty good. Egg and bacon for breakfast, a large helping of meat and plenty of cabbage for dinner, Toast and tea with every meal and for supper Bovril, toast and cheese.  Bovril at eleven and pm. Urine test before and after meals. I feel very well now and am not weak. There is a lot of noise from gun fire at night but no bombs. This emergency hospital is run by Westminster Hospital but the doctors are found by St Georges. A young Doctor called Dr Rhys Lewis attends me. He has an uncle called Davies (a timber merchant who has bought and lives at Danyrallt(?). He appears to know his business and is a very nice young fellow.
Love to you both
Your aff cousin

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