Tuesday, 6 September 2011

5/4/41 - Recovery from head injury at Windsor

                                                                                     County Emergency Hospital
                                                                                     Old Windsor

My dear Ida
                Thanks for your kind letter. As you can see from the above address, I have been evacuated from Westminster Hospital to one of their overflow places in the country. I have been sent here for a week to test me thoroughly for the sugar and to determine my future diet which I fancy will be fairly strict. I have quite recovered from my head injury and had the stitches taken out. The Westminster Hospital is only using three of the seven floors and has been bombed twice, but without casualties. I came here my ambulance convoy as a walking patient. Gwen came to see me on Thursday afternoon, she looked very worn and worried. I am afraid they are in an awful jam. If anything can be done to help, of course you will.

I had my accident by a fall during the blackout, which they seemed to connect with my complaint.
The ARP in London is really wonderful and the way they get to fires is to be seen to be believed. The spirit of the people in London is really marvellous, but the rich seem to have all scuttled off to their bunk holes.
With love
Your aff cousin

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