Tuesday, 6 September 2011

18/11/40 - Staying at Great Westminster House

                                                                                                                Ministry of Supply
                                                                                                                Cor 4.b Room 612
                                                                                                                Great Westminister House
                                                                                                                Horseferry Rd
                                                                                                                London SW1
My Dear Ida
                Many thanks for your long and newsy letter. I was shocked to hear about Llandovery being bombed.  I hope nothing further will happen. We had a terrible night last Friday, 28 H.E. Bombs dropped in our vicinity and demolished a printing works (a large number of deaths), hit Westminster Hospital (not badly no casualties),  in Victoria St - 3 large premises down to the ground and some flats behind us. All within a radius of 400 yards. The bombing of Coventry has appalled us all and everybody is praying for and demanding reprisals.
As I said, I am sleeping here at present and expect I shall do so for some time.
I saw Meryn for a short time on Friday, he came here and we had a snack of Lunch. He says they are now installed at 15 Berners St (they have 3 floors) and the although work of picking up the threads presented great difficulties, they are surmounting them.

Gwen drives an ambulance with the AFS at Kingston House, Sloane Sq and has been having a hectic time. Meryn does not look very well to me, but he never was really robust.

We play whist and very mild bridge at nights and we have a really good wireless set. Food at night is a problem here as there is nothing open at blackout near here, but we now cook on the Fire Brigade brazier, our staple diet being sausages. It is now however a case of eating to live and not living to eat.

I went to Deans yard[1] yesterday and found they have damaged the roof to the vestibule leading to the “up school” ie great hall. I do a guard about every 8 nights in the Building with the Home Guard, it seems to me to be a rather futile business.
I have not heard for a couple of year s how Violet and co are getting on, but I suppose the war has not reached Llansadwrn yet.
Your aff cousin

[1] Elydr went to Westminster School, Deans Yard is (or was?) part of Westminster School.

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