Tuesday, 6 September 2011

21/9/40 - Working at Ministry of Supply

                            Chevron’s Club
                                                                                                                74 St Georges Sq
                                                                                                                London SW1
My Dear Ida
                I am just sending you a line, hoping that all is well with you. It seems such a long time since I had any news of you.
We have been having a bad time bombing for the last 2 weeks and several houses have been demolished quite close to our place.
The work however goes on with surprisingly little upset at the Ministry of Supply. I never cease marvelling at the astounding courage of the girls here, who do not seem to fear anything and who turn up even though their homes have been bombed.
I saw Meryn the other day, he is very busy with the Home Guard just now.
I am in the Home Guard for the Ministry, but ours is a static force for the defence of our buildings, I sleep in the office once a week. The people of London, even in the badly bombed areas are extraordinarily cheerful, but full of deadly hatred for the Germans, Nazis or otherwise. It is having a quite opposite effect  to which Hitler (and Ribbentrop) thought.
Just drop a line when you can.

Love to you both
Your aff cousin

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