Tuesday, 6 September 2011

23/10/40 - Bombed out at Chevron's Club

16 Esmond Rd
Bedford Park
London W4
My Dear Ida
                Do not address any more letters to me at the “Chevrons Club” 74 St Georges Sq. This was bombed out last week and has ceased to exist. I had a very marvellous escape. The Bomb hit the roof of our house and the next and crashed through to the ground floor, completely demolishing all the solid stone staircases and cutting off the bedrooms. I had had a bed made in the basement (to avoid the noise) and was in bed when it happened. About 20 tons of masonry was held up by the solid ground floor above my head, and I only got the ceiling on top of me. The fumes of the ammonal (the explosive), dust and dense black smoke nearly choked me. I got through to the next house no 76 (part of the club) looking as though I had just come out of a flower mulch and then fallen into a soot heap. There were 40 people in the club when we were bombed and no one was scratched! We must be grateful to the almighty for our lives.
I have just heard from Meryn that his office in Berners St has been burnt out and everything destroyed except what was in the strong room.
I had to be away from the office for 3 days owing to shock, but am getting better. I have given you an address, but my only permanent address I can give you is Ministry of Supply, Room 612, Great Westminster House, Horseferry Rd.
Love to you both
Your aff cousin

A group of soldiers stand outside the entrance to a Chevrons Club at 74 St. George's Square..  Chevron’s Club later moved to Dorset Sq and opened by the Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) on 10/02/1948.

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